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F W Morgan Limited History.

The business can trace it’s roots back in Cardiff to the turn of the 20th Century, when Fredrick William Morgan started selling timber from the old train sidings in Canton. Whilst the original site has long since gone , and the Morgan family are no longer involved with the business, the name will be well known and respected to the builders and carpenters of Cardiff who have bought timber from F W Morgan over the decades.

F W Morgan Limited started trading from the 6 acre site at Clipper Road , in Cardiff Docks in 1969, and whilst there have been some changes over the years, it is back trading there again in 2019 , 50 years since it first opened. With many of it’s staff growing up with the timber trade, experience in the product runs deep . As a specialist timber Merchant , a move into Builders Merchant products was the next stage of evolution for the company, and F W Morgan Ltd can now offer most of the products required to build what our customers require moving into the next decade.

Moving Forward

Always moving forward, we have made the massive leap into the 21st century and we are now online, contact us today.

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